“Wisdom is to the soul what health is to the body”

Everyone of us knows the industrial revolution and internet revolution.People spent their whole life working for corporations to earn capital and  ignored their health,but now the new revolution has arrived.

People who earned a lot of money ignoring their health,are now spending every cent to regain the same health and that brings the WELLNESS REVOLUTION!

In short,wellness is all about taking the right nutrients in a balanced manner,living a positive lifestyle and exercising your brain and body daily!

take a look at the video of Dr. Collin Campbell telling us about vegan diet

So what are the key features of this revolution?

1)Many people prefer vegan food as it has more nutrients as compared to non vegan.But today vegan food is grown with insecticides and chemical manures,and much of the nutritive value is even lost when the plant is taken out of its roots which reduces the nutritive value of the food

So whether you’re eating or not eating vegan diet,your daily nutrient requirement can’t be fulfilled.And this is where SUPPLEMENTS fill us in.

2)Just taking enough supplements never solves the problem unless you life your life positively.Researches show that a positive thinking person reduces his risks of any chronic diseases,and increases his life span!

DON’T pressurize your brain with negative thoughts,it’ll damage your heart,brain,blood vessels,pancreas..the list is endless.Each time you think negatively,the body wastes more energy,and you get more vulnerable to frequent lethargy,chronic diseases and hypertension.

so just start thinking positively,remember healthy brain means healthy body.Start meditation daily,it’ll give you control over your thoughts and normalize the blood circulation to your brain.

3)Just enough nutrients and positive thinking doesn’t complete the wellness revolution.A fit body completes it and it can be easily achieved if done in the right manner

Daily jogging,going to gymnasium for cardio,and maintaining the shape of body are the prime activities.But the prime factor is your food break.REMEMBER eat small meals at regular intervals rather than large meals at large intervals.This will help you maintain the fat and lipid levels.


1)Start thinking positively.It solves most of your health problems.A healthy brain means healthy body

2)Start waking up early,jog regularly and eat small meals.

3)Want to know more about nutrition and supplements?here’s a brilliant book by Dr. Collin Campbell about nutrition and implications for Diet.

Get a copy now on amazon click here

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Change your world…NOW



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