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Thought Provoking Quotes

Everybody can Plan his future but only being focused can make it true.

Emotions feed Heart just like food feeds brain.

The Key To Satisfaction in life  is to satisfy others.

God helps those who help others.

If you climb the corporate ladder you can only reach a certain height, but if you own the corporate ladder, you can extend it to infinity.

Never work for money, let money work for you.

The two rules to success 1) never stop learning 2) Learn from rule 1.

Value your words because you’ll die but your words wont.

Trust is the father of every human relation, and integrity  it’s mother.

Knowledge is the only asset in the world that never depreciates!






Become a better philanthropist, Learn about “The P.Q. Star”

The joy of bringing smile on other’s face by helping them is of no comparison. Helping others realizes us that whatever we’ve in life, we are fortunate to have it and should be grateful and philanthropy is all about the combination of these 5 elements!

1)    Aware

Awareness is the basic key to philanthropy. If the society is not aware, the philanthropy can’t survive and we need to tell everyone in the world, that the happiness that you get by giving away is of no comparison to the happiness due to the luxuries. So leave the circle of life where you are involved in earnings, buying luxuries and paying bills, and still not satisfied with life, break the circle and start helping others to create a better community and a better nation.

2)    Personal Charity

Charity begins at home! So take the first step towards philanthropy by helping the neighbourhood. Start by saving the natural resources e.g. water, gas, electricity, oil, food etc. Don’t throw away food; give them to the street animals or hungry people. Give away your old books and old clothes to poor children. Create a local philanthropist group in the society which will create awareness and support the cause of helping the unfortunate. There are infinite ideas for philanthropy at home; you just need to do it by heart!

3)    Material Charity

There are numerous NGOs where the less fortunate are being served. Join such organisations and start donating some money, food, clothes, books and any stuff you think will greatly help them. Remember: Always give to the community before you take. If you’ll save some money and donate it for the less fortunate, it’ll come around and help you to serve more people. So promote material charity as much as you can, because when more hands are with you to help, you can serve more.

4)    Emotional charity

There are many people in the world who are less fortunate than us, they are suffering from incurable diseases, which are painful and heart-breaking. Many people lose their lives as they lose hope for survival, because the fear of slow death is unimaginable. They don’t need materialistic help, because that has no importance in their life, but just a hug from a person to make them smile. Someone that can make them realize that life’s still beautiful and they should live it to the fullest. Every life is important, and giving up hope is not the way you should live the life.

So start helping them, join some NGOs and give emotional support to people like these. Give them a hug, make them smile, tell them the importance of life, and help them to live the life cheerfully. This emotional support has changed many lives, and if you do the same, you too will realise the importance of life, that life is not about buying luxuries and paying bills, but the true meaning of life is to live it happily and help others live too.

5)    Eco Charity

Not only humans, but our nature needs help too! Evolution and human hunger for development has affected the eco system negatively. And human survival is becoming difficult each day due to the imbalance of ecosystem. But there’s still hope for bringing back the balance of the system, if only we can create the awareness among the community about the value of helping the environment. We’ve to start contributing towards welfare of our mother earth, before the nature threatens us to stop affecting the ecosystem. So grow as many plants as possible, stop wasting and polluting water, recharge the rain water, stop the pollution of soil, air and start recycling!


Philanthropy can only grow when you’re aware that nature and humans need your support to survive. Spread this message to your local community and help others create a difference in life!

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Be a better money manager by learning “The W.Q. Star”


Wealth management is one of the prime concerns of everyone. And if you want to ace wealth management, you need to understand the value of the 5 elements of perfect wealth management.


1)    Earnings

It’s not the amount of money you’re earning that makes you rich, but the amount of money you can save for its further growth makes you rich. E.g. you’ve $10,000 income from your job, and if you can save not a single penny from it, you won’t achieve financial independence this way but if you can save $2000 and further invest it, your chances of financial freedom increase.

Earnings are different from income. Income is the earnings from your job, while the dividend obtained from any mutual fund, or rent from real estate investments can be considered as passive earnings. So, earnings are combination of income from your job, the income that you obtain from investments e.g. real estate, stocks, business etc. is passive earnings, there are also royalty earnings, and the newest kind of earnings is LIABILITY EARNINGS, this earning can be obtained from liabilities! You just need some innovation and sources to earn from liabilities!

So the first step for financial freedom is to note down every source of earning that you’ve, how much you are getting from it and what’s the duration of this kind of earning. E.g. royalty earnings are for lifetime, job earnings are for a limited period, passive earnings keep coming until you sell the investment, so note down everything to get ready for the next element.


2)    Budget

Budgeting is the most important aspect of wealth management. It helps you in balancing the earnings and expenses. The main element of financial freedom: investments. If you can balance expenses and earnings, and save enough to invest, the worth of budgeting goes quadrupled, because the main motive behind budgeting is to reduce the irrelevant expenses and invest the savings. Remember: expenses are basically of three types 1) Basic 2) Desirable 3) Luxuries.


The goal is to reduce or postpone the desirable and luxuries expenses, since basic expenses can’t be ignored. Save this money and start investing! When you’ll get some passive earnings, you can increase your desirable and luxuries expenses.


Prioritize your expenses, pay off the priority debt first, and gradually reduce the debt. These are some of the ways to effective budgeting.


3)    Invest

The best friend to your financial freedom. Investing opens the doors to financial freedom. You just need to be more aware about the investments that can give you more returns.


Start with basic investments: Gold and silver. These can be considered as the best investment options with low risks and no overhead costs. The next category of investments have increased risk, e.g. stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs etc. But unlike gold and silver, their risk is highly volatile and returns are never assured, so I suggest learning more about wealth quotient before proceeding with investment.


The third and one of the famous investments for exceptional high returns and low risk is the Real estate. Benefit? Leverage and consistent earnings. You can buy a house of 100,000 only by paying around 10,000-15,000 and this is the biggest advantage of real estate. Your earnings start with the first rent check, and real estate maintenance costs aren’t much as compared to the returns it gives. Try to invest in real estate if you want to accelerate towards financial independence.

The next category is business, where risks reach to a new level, but the returns are infinite if successful, if you know about “The L.Q. star” the business leadership and management becomes easier for you.

So start your car and begin your journey to financial freedom by investments.

4)    Protect

You’ve made your investments and reaping the returns, but every investment comes with risks, and you too can reduce the risk through protection.

E.g. if you’ve invested in real estate, protect the property from damages caused by calamities, or any damage by your renters. This helps you maintain the value of the property. Hire a good property management company, it’ll help you find new renters, take rents regularly from them, and keep you and your renters happy. Have your renters insured with renters insurance, so that in event of damage to anyone in your property, insurance will take care of the renter’s expenses. In this way, you can reduce the risk in the real estate.


Protection plays a vital role in business, where large financials and products are involved. Many people have suffered from losses due to unpatented products, and this ignorance of protection leads to big losses. Protect your company by choosing the right corporate entity. In this way protection can prove to be a life saver in bad times. So never forget to protect your wealth.


5)    Expense

Last but not the least, the element of utter importance in everybody’s life; expense. At this point, you’ve budgeted, saved and invested and reaping the earnings. But now it’s time to use the earnings. Most people spend almost 100% of the profit from investments, but this never leads to the road to financial independence, instead divide the profit in some sections,


E.g. 50% of the profit could be invested back to reap more profits, you can vary the percentage according to your needs. 30% to the desirable or luxury expenses and 20% to philanthropy. Expenses are endless, but you’ve to make the right mix in order to live a luxurious life along the financial independence. So take care of your expenses, and never forget to giveaway some money. Because giving away always creates a sense of satisfaction of helping others.

So combine these 5 elements, use them in your life, and get to the path to financial independence and infinite success.

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The key to effective leadership, learn about “The L.Q. Star”

Every person desires of becoming a good leader one day, though many of us don’t know the right approach to the perfect leadership.

The combination of the 5 elements of the star, when applied in your life will guide you to become the leader that can bring change to the world!

1)    Self-Leadership

The 1st step towards a leadership is to lead you. Leadership is all about decisions and appraisal, so self-leadership starts when you’re sure about your decisions, have enough conclusions to support them, and are able to improve yourself through appraisals and feedbacks. Remember: A Leader can be wrong, but he can’t be surprised. A leader accept mistakes and never blames them on others.

A leader never leaves his people in any situation, whether it’s stressful times or celebration times. A leader always gives credit to his team. He should be a man of word, and should stand firmly on his ground facing the objections. The most important quality, credibility and motivating. Credibility of a leader builds reputation among his people, and motivation to the people brings a positive vibe to the workplace.

There are endless qualities of a good leader, but the important facts that creates a great leader are EXPERIENCE,GOALS AND VISION. Accepting challenges, completing the task, acknowledging the mistakes, and improving on them is the basic step towards leadership, that you should perform in order to become an effective leader.


2)    Recruit

The second most important element for an effective leader is the people around him. A leader can’t lead without the support of a good team. So, when you’ve started leading you, search for people who can faithfully support your mission and help you accomplishing your goals. But the selection of the RIGHT people creates a difference between every leader. If you choose people who have difference of opinion with you, or have different goals, then you’re wasting your time.

Recruitment makes it simple to lead. When you’re surrounded with visionaries, innovation and mission accomplishment becomes easy. Leadership is not only about leading people, it’s about leading the RIGHT people. So recruit the best professionals that can help you achieve the goals and half of your work is done here.

3)    Delegate

When you’ve recruited the right people around you, the next important element is delegation. Every great corporation has thousands of employees, but what makes it successful is delegation. In summary, delegation means assigning the right job to the right person. I’ve seen many examples of improper delegation. E.g. in one of the software corporations, a highly efficient post graduate employee was assigned the job of paper work regarding the bug reports! He didn’t study to do paperwork!  he thought it as a wastage of his talent, and left the corporation. The next corporation assigned him the post of software developer, which is the right use of delegation!

Improper delegated corporations have no future, but if you want to be a good leader you need to understand and value the talent of your employees and assign the right job to them, which eventually lead to better workplace efficiency and team repo. So delegate carefully!

4)    Ethical code

You’ve recruited the best people for your team, assigned them the job that best suits them, and they’re working with full efficiency, because they love to work with a leader like you! But leadership never ends here, and the most important element comes into action- The ethical code. Every system needs some rules and regulations to govern effectively, and that’s the role of ethical code. In the public systems, laws play a role in controlling the citizens, while in corporation as a leader it’s your responsibility to bind the people with an ethical code.

Ethical code is not meant to bound the employees, or to control them according to the leader’s will. But the ethical code should be designed to bind the employees. The mission statement, vision and goals of the team should be kept in mind while designing an ethical code e.g. a restaurant chain has a mission statement “To serve the customers with a quality service and bring happiness through our delicious food”, so this mission statement should be kept in mind to make the ethical code. Employees should be acknowledged that they’re responsible for the quality service and great food, and they shouldn’t ignore the mission. The mission statement should be strong enough to act and unite all the employees. So that every employee coordinates with the team to accomplish the mission.

The ethical code unites every employee towards a common goal, and also awares them of the consequences of ignoring the code. Every employee, of any level should follow the code and it’s violation is considered an offence, for any level of employee. In this way, the code unites every individual of the corporation and mission accomplishment gets easier.

5)    Appraise

Every element has done its job to accomplish the mission, but a great leader completes by the 5th element, appraisal. When you accomplish the task, start evaluation, what were the strategies that helped you achieve the goal, can they work in future? What were the mistakes along the way and how can you improve them? How was the team cooperation and coordination, did the ethical code play the role it was meant to? Which employee outperformed and how? which employee underperformed and why? The biggest task that you can do is to get the feedback from your people regarding your leadership and vision.

Last but not the least : CELEBRATE THE SUCCESS. Celebrating boosts the moral of the employees and helps them to work harder next time. Celebration is an effective way of expressing importance of the hard work done by your employees and the value of the results. So celebrate and  motivate them to get hungry for more work!


Finally these 5 elements can teach you a lot about leadership, Remember: A leader never stops learning!

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Stay Healthier, Happier and Live Longer.Learn about “The H.Q. Star”

Every human deserves a healthy life, but many of us never get the right path to achieve it, doctors and healthcare professionals have complicated the knowledge of health and wellness. But you can achieve a perfect health if you follow the 5 elements of H.Q. Star which simplifies every aspect of health care.

1)    Hygiene

A clean body is the first step towards perfect health. Nutrition and diet makes a body healthier from inside, hygiene and exercise helps to show it outside. Make yourself a brand! A good hygiene creates good body language and confidence.

2)    Exercise

Every machine needs to work daily, otherwise the parts wear-out and decrease its efficiency. The same is the case with human body, every body part needs to be worked out daily through exercises. Every exercise affects our body in a unique way, e.g. exercising our legs and hips increases our sitting and standing hours, as they’re exercised regularly they’ll work at their best and increase your workplace efficiency.

Taking deep breaths exercises lungs, thereby protecting us from harmful lung diseases, and also increases the oxygen level to brain, hence a healthier brain leads to better workability.

Keep yourself fit through as many exercises as you can, mainly involving lungs, legs, hips, arms, shoulders and back, but too much of anything is harmful, take regular breaks between each exercise, it helps the oxygen supply to brain. And when brain is healthy, you can work for more time and never feel fatigue.

3)    Diet

The 3rd element: Diet. Highly misunderstood by us and every human has a unique story to tell about his diet, each person on earth has a unique diet, and if you want a perfect health you just need to follow some steps to get the right diet.

The main principle for a perfect diet “small meals at small intervals”. Avoid eating heavy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks at large intervals. This leads to unbalanced food absorption and affects digestion. We never take notice of it in the start, but it becomes prominent with time, and affects the body later. So better ignore heavy meals because they affect your digestion for the long term, and this leads to other diseases too! So the best way to have good digestion and food absorption is to have a balanced and light food intake at regular intervals.

The next principle, never stop eating a particular food just because it is affecting your diet! It’s the biggest mistake that people make, e.g. if rice is making someone unhealthy, they reduce its intake to almost 0%, but each food fulfils a unique nutritive requirement, so don’t ignore it, take small quantities each day, or in intervals, in this way your body gets habitual and if repeated for long term, the side effect of rise can even vanish!

The last principle, intake of balanced nutritive diet. Throughout the day, we mainly intake the food which gives us sugar and carbohydrates, as they are the main sources of energy. But ignoring other nutrients leads to vulnerability to diseases due to weaker immunity. So never take excessive nutrient of any kind, the side effect is more damaging than its effect.


4)    Nutrition

Nutrition plays the role of fuel for your body machine! Yet the unawareness of nutrition claims many diseases. It’s not because of the lack of nutrition, but the lack of balanced nutrition results in weaker immunity and vulnerable to diseases, thereby resulting in chronic diseases and attacks.

Many people consume a diet that contains enough nutrients for the body, but today only meals are not enough for a complete nutritive diet, we need additional support.

Due to environmental problems like pollution, work stress, faster lifestyle, and many other factors, just having enough nutrients isn’t the solution to a perfect health. We need additional nutritive supplements to fulfil it. Taking the right nutrition supplement is also necessary, so consulting with a good nutritionist and taking the balanced nutrition supplements can help to achieve the desired perfect health.

Numerous supplements of proteins, vitamins, phytonutrients, fatty acids, minerals, fibre etc. are available, take them in the balanced quantity and you can easily achieve the perfect health.

5)    Attitude

You’re taking care of your hygiene, exercising regularly, taking the right diet and having the right nutritional supplements. But one more element completed the H.Q. Star, and that’s your attitude. Negative attitude such as stress, anger, depression, fear, affect our body in a horrible way we can never imagine. Researches have shown that negative attitude affects our food absorption and digestion, affects the blood pressure and sugar levels, and destroys the brain cells frequently. So if you want your dream body to remain fit and healthy, start bringing positive thoughts to your brain. A positive mind helps your body to maintain its functioning in the right direction. If you’ve any negative thoughts, ignore it and say to yourself “These thoughts will destroy my body! Don’t think about them, I can achieve everything positively”. REMEMBER: Positive mind yields positive results.


So start following the “H.Q. Star” today and create a difference in your life!

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Become Emotionally Smart, Read about “The E.Q. star”

Emotions are the messengers of Heart. Everyone reveals his feelings to others through emotions. But in a professional world, you need to be emotionally smart to interact and cooperate with your colleagues. If you’re emotionally smart, you can handle the work stress and deadline tensions easily. A professional always handles the stressful times with courage and relaxed mind, and you too can become a complete professional and achieve great success if you follow these 5 elements which when combined together,  form the “E.Q. Star.”

1)    Positive

The most important characteristic of an emotional smart is being positive at all times. Whether it’s the work stress, or stress in the home due to career of children, if you remain calm and handle the situations in a positive way, you can gain maximum results quickly out of everything.

If any situation arises, say to yourself “How can I solve this problem without undergoing any negative thoughts e.g. stress, tensions ?

If you can ignore the negative thoughts continuously and in every problem, they won’t come to you! It will be difficult initially, but whenever problem arises and you feel negative, say “This is not the way I will solve my problems, I’ve a better solution to it” and your subconscious will search for the positive answers and reject the negative thoughts.

Being a positive has multiple benefits! You can easily solve your problems without applying any stress on your brain, just stress your heart for positivity, and you’ll get the results. Negative thoughts never yield results, instead negativity wastes your time. So if you want to save some more time and enjoy with your family and friends, stop thinking negative from today.

There are infinite benefits of being a positive minded, but it takes some practice and good heart to accept. So start growing positive  today!

2)    Anger

The biggest enemy of human brain; Anger. It numbs your brain cells, misguides your mouth, and your body gets out of your control. These are the specialities of an angry human. Anger is hard to control, is hard to be ignored and damages the body. Anger can change the scenario of anything, whether it’s the professional meeting or public meeting. Anger yields the negative results, that nobody can ever expect to happen. These and many other specialities, makes anger a  celebrity in emotions.

Anger is difficult to control, although reducing the frequency of anger benefits our body along with the brain. The biggest cause of anger is negativity, which never yields any results. It numbs your brain to think of the peaceful solution, instead anger engages your brain in useless arguing and body language. So, if you want to be a good professional, you should switch to your positive side, ignore the negativity, which will eventually stop anger and your brain will remain healthy!

3)    Stress

For a professional, this emotions is his best friend. Every day thousands of people suffer from job stress, whether it is due to closing deadlines, high responsibilities and work load, or related to the family expensed. Every man on earth encounters stress uncountable times in his life. Stress is always considered as negative, but it’s not always the case.

Stress is of two types, positive and negative. Positive stress occurs for a short period of time. It is termed positive because it yields positive results. It has its roots from the human brain, when our subconscious procrastinates or tries to ignore the task, stress is like a kick and forces brain to think about the options to solve the situation. Short term stress stops delay and helps our mind to get results during extreme times e.g. in examinations.

While short term stress kicks our brain to accomplishment, long term stress or negative stress leads to destruction. It initiates with the work stress at the office, where the deadlines are close, peer pressure is at its peak, and the job is at stake.

The positive stress stops after the accomplishment of results, but negative stress never stops, it spreads like a virus in the body. Even if we achieve the goals or not, our brain gets so much habitual to short term stress, that this creeps in our personal life too. Slowly our brain undergoes stress at normal situations and it increases day by day, affecting our body internally as well as externally with age, like high blood pressure, swollen eyes and chronic diseases.

This effect of stress in personal as well as professional life, leads to negative stress. So, if you want to be emotionally smart, don’t adopt stress in your life for long term, instead try to solve the problems with least stress as possible, because stress has its own effects.

4)    Depression

Human brain is vulnerable to numerous emotional effects, and the biggest effect to brain is through depression. Although emotions express out heart’s feelings, but it effects brain too, and the most negative effect to brain is done by depression.

The main cause of depression is “Fear”, and many people feel depressed only due to one factor: unable to deliver the desired result. Whether it’s the undesirable examination result for a  student, or unfinished projects for professionals, depression consumes every human brain.

Fear plays a big role in depression, fear is of two kinds; short term and long term. Short term fears exist only due to horrors or surprises, whether it’s due to the horror movie or a drunken driver! But short term fears have little effect on us, although the long term fear results into depression.

Let’s take an example, the project deadline has passed and you still have got some files to complete for it. Now the human brain can take two choices, either take the short term stress path, and complete it as soon as possible to get rid of the stress, Or the fear path, where your brain is constantly haunted by the feeling of failure. You can’t ignore the feeling of fear because your subconscious brings all types of fear to you, like “what if I lose my job? What if I get a transfer, what will happen to my reputation in the office?” even fears like “how can I afford to pay for the car instalments?” and many other irrelevant fears erupt like a volcano in your brain.

These all are the garbage fears that our subconscious feels, we know that these feelings aren’t true and we can solve all of these problems just by completing the project, but due to these fears our brain starts to give up and we find ourselves trapped in the whirlpool of fear, leading to  depression. Many people voluntarily give up because they are afraid of the fears, they are afraid of failing or accepting the mistakes, and that’s why depression eats them from inside.

Don’t let depression consume your efficiency, the only way to avoid depression is positivity, there will be no fears if we think positively and solve everything with a positive mind. Nothing is impossible, you can achieve whatever you need, you just need to work harder and leave the results to GOD, and eradicate depression by eliminating fear from your subconscious.

5)    Sentiments

Every human has a soft corner in his heart and mind for those whom he cares the most or admires them. For most of us they’re “ parents, wife, kids, relatives, friends, colleagues and especially a celebrity that we admire the most.” These all are the part of another element of emotions called sentiments.

Sentiments are easy to express, but can be dangerous if provoked intentionally. Many fights, arguments, violence are merely the cause of provoking the soft buttons of the human heart, which are sentiments. When we’ve sentiments for someone, we always try to make them happy, whether it’s a new toy for kids, jewellery for wife, or throwing a party with friends, sentiments help us to express our love for them. And if you want complete emotional smartness, you’ve to know the worth of sentiments.

Many people ignore its value, but only sentiments are the key to motivation. If you’re under work and deadline stress, take out the sentiments for your closest ones, and surely this feeling ignites you to work harder. So if you want a better lifestyle, know the power of sentiments, because they can change the way you take care of your loved ones.

So, be emotionally smart, adopt the “E.Q. star” in your daily life and create a difference

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Do you want efficient time management? Read about “The T.Q. Star”.

Every picture is worth a thousand words, and this figure tells you everything that you need to know about effective time management.

These 5 words on the corners of the star, represent the elements of the most powerful entity of the world, TIME and if you can control these elements in your life, you can harness the power of TIME Management and all of your problems can be solved very easily.

So start taking control of the 24 hours, just follow these 5 elements. Each element is connected to the rest 4 elements and completes the Time Quotient.


When you start your day, list down every job that you’ve to do, and assign priority to them. Don’t be confused by the list of tasks, just assign 1st priority to the highly productive tasks, Don’t procrastinate, do the important jobs first and small output tasks afterwards.


This is the most important element, everyone knows that without scheduling a single tasks can’t be completed, whether it is at job or at home, you’ve to plan ahead.

Start scheduling by taking the high priority tasks first, BUILD TIME SLOTS, assign a particular TIME Slot to each task, also include “Time add-ons” e.g. you’ve a meeting at 12, by your estimate it can take 1 hour, but include a time add-on for maximum ½ hour, so that if delay occurs due to any problem, your schedule won’t be disturbed, and even the meeting completes on time or with a little delay then you’ve earned extra time for your next task!

Assign TIME SLOTS AND TIME ADD-ONS to every task that  you’ll perform throughout the day, this makes your schedule flexible and prepared for any emergency delay, but do have a threshold for time-add-on, you’ve limited time and if the task doesn’t complete within the time add-on, you should complete it first and reschedule for the rest tasks of the day.

3) Follow

90% of the people turn around on this element. They prioritize and schedule, but when it comes to following it, or following it through every day, they find it hard. It is mainly because the human brain resists changes, we can’t stop this feeling because we’re habitual of the daily ill-managed schedule.

Many people find the follow through of the schedule BORING, follow the schedule for some time and then go back to their old life.

But remember, an organised life yields great results, and unorganised life leads to less efficiency, and it leads to high work stress. So better start following the schedule and get great results.

4) Attract

Stay focused each day on your schedule. Use the law of attraction and spread this star to others so that you can get a group of organised people thinking just like you, and get better ideas from them. You may encounter many situations that can create problems for your scheduled life, many people give up after these situations, but don’t do it. If you follow your schedule for 21 days, it’ll definitely become a habit. Most people give up after 10-15 days, but this can affect your work efficiency.

Many problems will come daily, whether a task takes more time than the time add-on that you’d planned, or you’re busy completing an unplanned task, while your scheduled task is getting delayed. Don’t be afraid of these situations. Life is another name of challenges, take these situations as challenged and remember, always complete the high priority task first.

If you schedule doesn’t go as planned, reschedule and keep working, never lose focus on the results that you’ll get through better time management.

5) Evaluate

Until now you’ve prioritized, scheduled, followed and attracted the time star in your life, but now it’s time for the real test, Evaluation. At the end of each day, you note down every task that you completed throughout the day. REMEMBER: Never leave a task incomplete, it’s the enemy of time. When you’ve jotted down every task, evaluate the average time slot and average time add-on for each task, observe each task and make changes for the next day. Evaluation of your daily activities in the night, helps you to plan ahead for the next day, and makes you habitual of scheduling and efficient time management.

In this way if you follow the “ T.Q. STAR” technique, you can achieve miraculous results through efficient Time Management.

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