The human brain resists changes, especially when it comes to health.Our daily activities always look perfect to us and we hardly take a single moment to evaluate whether our eating habits, work stress and lack of exercise can even affect our future, and this illusion shatters after the medical reports in our old age.

People in the age slot of 25-40 never pay attention to the fatal damage due to the eating habits and work load, they eat and work unaware of the fact that their body will be trapped in a CHAIN that will eventually lead to a short and painful life.

Let’s take a simple example of the daily habits of a working person between 25-40.

1)He wakes up early in the morning for exercise, either he goes for walk, but sometimes due to other problems, he’s not consistent.

2)Then he has breakfast, which is generally heavy in diet, because he has to work hard till the lunch break.

3)Then in lunch he has a heavy meal, because he feels starved after the work load, needs energy, and sometimes he eats junk food, which takes less time to eat and gives more energy as they are sources of instant sugar.

4)Sometimes, he eats snacks, which are lacking nutrients. Then he has dinner, which is generally heavy. Even sometimes he eats light dinner, but has desserts and sweets too.

And this goes on every week; he starts feeling a bit lethargic and gets tired frequently due to the work load.

5)He consumes more sugar to cover his tiredness, which never gives any nutrients, and when he has lack of nutrients, immunity to diseases decrease.

6)Then some time after he gets a small disease, like flu, cold, tonsillitis, and many small infectious diseases. What’s the cure?

Generally medicines to recover  immediately, so as he can go back to work as soon as possible.

These medicines are instant cure, but they make the immunity system weak, and make the body habitual of these medicines, now next time when you’ll get a disease, your immune system won’t be strong enough to remove the infection, your body needs these additional medicines. And when you take more heavy  or frequent dozes, your immunity weakens more.

With weak immunity, and those eating habits, the vulnerability to chronic diseases increases.

7)And when people get these diseases, they cure them either through medicines or surgery. The medicines make them weaker, and surgeries, since they’re artificial replacements by the doctors, the body never remains that much strong as it was earlier, leading to weakening of body gradually with the age.

When the body weakens enough, and relies only on the medicines, a strong shock to the body does the final damage, and  many don’t survive it.

This is a simple example of how our lifestyle affects our health and life. There are unique stories, examples associated with each chronic disease, and heart attacks.

Now read the 7  points again and assign a YES or NO to each of them,

If your  NO exceeds  YES congratulations, but you need to work on the YES quickly.

IF your YES exceeds NO, then sadly you’re a part of “THE CHAIN OF DEATH”.

If you ignore this fact and continue your daily lifestyle, you’ll pay for this ignorance in the future,so better start learning about the “Health Quotient” from TODAY!

You can learn more about “Health Quotient” in my books “The Journey To Your Second Life” and “The Power Inside Me“.


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