Become a better philanthropist, Learn about “The P.Q. Star”

The joy of bringing smile on other’s face by helping them is of no comparison. Helping others realizes us that whatever we’ve in life, we are fortunate to have it and should be grateful and philanthropy is all about the combination of these 5 elements!

1)    Aware

Awareness is the basic key to philanthropy. If the society is not aware, the philanthropy can’t survive and we need to tell everyone in the world, that the happiness that you get by giving away is of no comparison to the happiness due to the luxuries. So leave the circle of life where you are involved in earnings, buying luxuries and paying bills, and still not satisfied with life, break the circle and start helping others to create a better community and a better nation.

2)    Personal Charity

Charity begins at home! So take the first step towards philanthropy by helping the neighbourhood. Start by saving the natural resources e.g. water, gas, electricity, oil, food etc. Don’t throw away food; give them to the street animals or hungry people. Give away your old books and old clothes to poor children. Create a local philanthropist group in the society which will create awareness and support the cause of helping the unfortunate. There are infinite ideas for philanthropy at home; you just need to do it by heart!

3)    Material Charity

There are numerous NGOs where the less fortunate are being served. Join such organisations and start donating some money, food, clothes, books and any stuff you think will greatly help them. Remember: Always give to the community before you take. If you’ll save some money and donate it for the less fortunate, it’ll come around and help you to serve more people. So promote material charity as much as you can, because when more hands are with you to help, you can serve more.

4)    Emotional charity

There are many people in the world who are less fortunate than us, they are suffering from incurable diseases, which are painful and heart-breaking. Many people lose their lives as they lose hope for survival, because the fear of slow death is unimaginable. They don’t need materialistic help, because that has no importance in their life, but just a hug from a person to make them smile. Someone that can make them realize that life’s still beautiful and they should live it to the fullest. Every life is important, and giving up hope is not the way you should live the life.

So start helping them, join some NGOs and give emotional support to people like these. Give them a hug, make them smile, tell them the importance of life, and help them to live the life cheerfully. This emotional support has changed many lives, and if you do the same, you too will realise the importance of life, that life is not about buying luxuries and paying bills, but the true meaning of life is to live it happily and help others live too.

5)    Eco Charity

Not only humans, but our nature needs help too! Evolution and human hunger for development has affected the eco system negatively. And human survival is becoming difficult each day due to the imbalance of ecosystem. But there’s still hope for bringing back the balance of the system, if only we can create the awareness among the community about the value of helping the environment. We’ve to start contributing towards welfare of our mother earth, before the nature threatens us to stop affecting the ecosystem. So grow as many plants as possible, stop wasting and polluting water, recharge the rain water, stop the pollution of soil, air and start recycling!


Philanthropy can only grow when you’re aware that nature and humans need your support to survive. Spread this message to your local community and help others create a difference in life!

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