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11 Stress Reduction Tips

1. Get enough sleep (7- 8 hrs) at the proper times (go to bed before 10 PM).

2. Eat primarily fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and healthy sources of protein.

3. Practice an effective stress-reducing meditation.

4. Avoid overloading your senses, especially in the evening before sleep.

5. Listen to relaxing music.

6. Get a massage.

7. Remember to make time to play and relax each day.

8. Exercise regularly.

9. Practice deep abdominal breathing rather than shallow chest breathing.

10. Write out an ongoing list of your “to-do’s” and concerns so you can calm and free your mind.

11. Share your concerns with a friend or loved one, talking about it helps. Also, ask for help when you need it.


Become Emotionally Smart, Read about “The E.Q. star”

Emotions are the messengers of Heart. Everyone reveals his feelings to others through emotions. But in a professional world, you need to be emotionally smart to interact and cooperate with your colleagues. If you’re emotionally smart, you can handle the work stress and deadline tensions easily. A professional always handles the stressful times with courage and relaxed mind, and you too can become a complete professional and achieve great success if you follow these 5 elements which when combined together,  form the “E.Q. Star.”

1)    Positive

The most important characteristic of an emotional smart is being positive at all times. Whether it’s the work stress, or stress in the home due to career of children, if you remain calm and handle the situations in a positive way, you can gain maximum results quickly out of everything.

If any situation arises, say to yourself “How can I solve this problem without undergoing any negative thoughts e.g. stress, tensions ?

If you can ignore the negative thoughts continuously and in every problem, they won’t come to you! It will be difficult initially, but whenever problem arises and you feel negative, say “This is not the way I will solve my problems, I’ve a better solution to it” and your subconscious will search for the positive answers and reject the negative thoughts.

Being a positive has multiple benefits! You can easily solve your problems without applying any stress on your brain, just stress your heart for positivity, and you’ll get the results. Negative thoughts never yield results, instead negativity wastes your time. So if you want to save some more time and enjoy with your family and friends, stop thinking negative from today.

There are infinite benefits of being a positive minded, but it takes some practice and good heart to accept. So start growing positive  today!

2)    Anger

The biggest enemy of human brain; Anger. It numbs your brain cells, misguides your mouth, and your body gets out of your control. These are the specialities of an angry human. Anger is hard to control, is hard to be ignored and damages the body. Anger can change the scenario of anything, whether it’s the professional meeting or public meeting. Anger yields the negative results, that nobody can ever expect to happen. These and many other specialities, makes anger a  celebrity in emotions.

Anger is difficult to control, although reducing the frequency of anger benefits our body along with the brain. The biggest cause of anger is negativity, which never yields any results. It numbs your brain to think of the peaceful solution, instead anger engages your brain in useless arguing and body language. So, if you want to be a good professional, you should switch to your positive side, ignore the negativity, which will eventually stop anger and your brain will remain healthy!

3)    Stress

For a professional, this emotions is his best friend. Every day thousands of people suffer from job stress, whether it is due to closing deadlines, high responsibilities and work load, or related to the family expensed. Every man on earth encounters stress uncountable times in his life. Stress is always considered as negative, but it’s not always the case.

Stress is of two types, positive and negative. Positive stress occurs for a short period of time. It is termed positive because it yields positive results. It has its roots from the human brain, when our subconscious procrastinates or tries to ignore the task, stress is like a kick and forces brain to think about the options to solve the situation. Short term stress stops delay and helps our mind to get results during extreme times e.g. in examinations.

While short term stress kicks our brain to accomplishment, long term stress or negative stress leads to destruction. It initiates with the work stress at the office, where the deadlines are close, peer pressure is at its peak, and the job is at stake.

The positive stress stops after the accomplishment of results, but negative stress never stops, it spreads like a virus in the body. Even if we achieve the goals or not, our brain gets so much habitual to short term stress, that this creeps in our personal life too. Slowly our brain undergoes stress at normal situations and it increases day by day, affecting our body internally as well as externally with age, like high blood pressure, swollen eyes and chronic diseases.

This effect of stress in personal as well as professional life, leads to negative stress. So, if you want to be emotionally smart, don’t adopt stress in your life for long term, instead try to solve the problems with least stress as possible, because stress has its own effects.

4)    Depression

Human brain is vulnerable to numerous emotional effects, and the biggest effect to brain is through depression. Although emotions express out heart’s feelings, but it effects brain too, and the most negative effect to brain is done by depression.

The main cause of depression is “Fear”, and many people feel depressed only due to one factor: unable to deliver the desired result. Whether it’s the undesirable examination result for a  student, or unfinished projects for professionals, depression consumes every human brain.

Fear plays a big role in depression, fear is of two kinds; short term and long term. Short term fears exist only due to horrors or surprises, whether it’s due to the horror movie or a drunken driver! But short term fears have little effect on us, although the long term fear results into depression.

Let’s take an example, the project deadline has passed and you still have got some files to complete for it. Now the human brain can take two choices, either take the short term stress path, and complete it as soon as possible to get rid of the stress, Or the fear path, where your brain is constantly haunted by the feeling of failure. You can’t ignore the feeling of fear because your subconscious brings all types of fear to you, like “what if I lose my job? What if I get a transfer, what will happen to my reputation in the office?” even fears like “how can I afford to pay for the car instalments?” and many other irrelevant fears erupt like a volcano in your brain.

These all are the garbage fears that our subconscious feels, we know that these feelings aren’t true and we can solve all of these problems just by completing the project, but due to these fears our brain starts to give up and we find ourselves trapped in the whirlpool of fear, leading to  depression. Many people voluntarily give up because they are afraid of the fears, they are afraid of failing or accepting the mistakes, and that’s why depression eats them from inside.

Don’t let depression consume your efficiency, the only way to avoid depression is positivity, there will be no fears if we think positively and solve everything with a positive mind. Nothing is impossible, you can achieve whatever you need, you just need to work harder and leave the results to GOD, and eradicate depression by eliminating fear from your subconscious.

5)    Sentiments

Every human has a soft corner in his heart and mind for those whom he cares the most or admires them. For most of us they’re “ parents, wife, kids, relatives, friends, colleagues and especially a celebrity that we admire the most.” These all are the part of another element of emotions called sentiments.

Sentiments are easy to express, but can be dangerous if provoked intentionally. Many fights, arguments, violence are merely the cause of provoking the soft buttons of the human heart, which are sentiments. When we’ve sentiments for someone, we always try to make them happy, whether it’s a new toy for kids, jewellery for wife, or throwing a party with friends, sentiments help us to express our love for them. And if you want complete emotional smartness, you’ve to know the worth of sentiments.

Many people ignore its value, but only sentiments are the key to motivation. If you’re under work and deadline stress, take out the sentiments for your closest ones, and surely this feeling ignites you to work harder. So if you want a better lifestyle, know the power of sentiments, because they can change the way you take care of your loved ones.

So, be emotionally smart, adopt the “E.Q. star” in your daily life and create a difference

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Some Fascinating Facts about “The Flu Of Emotions”

Like machines,their is a button to control humans too, and that button is EMOTIONS.In our daily life we never notice the importance of emotions,until a sentimental moment occurs!Emotions are the face of heart, and our heart expresses its feelings to others through emotions.

Emotions can change anybody,whether it’s love,hatred,revenge etc..these are part of emotions and can change the course of your life.Emotions can be used positively or misused for some mean purpose, but you should utilize emotions to get a better lifestyle. DON’T let emotions control you, control them to get maximized results from it in your professional and personal life.Think positively and spread POSITIVE FLU to people around you to remain motivated every time, this will eventually affect your lifestyle.

Lets first understand the value of emotions in our personal life.Take a simple example,whenever a team wins,the fans celebrate in mobs and make loud cheers.This is a perfect example of “The Flu Of Emotions”.

It starts from an individual,who expressed his joy by cheering loudly,it triggers the excited emotions of others and they too participate in his activities, this spreads like a flu to others too, and they participate in the mob to celebrate.This is a simple example of how emotions can spread life flu and make a mob.

Children have the weakest Emotional Quotient or EQ, and are the best targets for product companies,because they know how to spread the product to children through “The Flu Of Emotions”.Even the hairstyles and fashion of celebrities are adopted by communities,and “The Flu Of Emotions” plays an important role in spreading it to the society.

Professionals and celebrities effectively use the power of emotions to gain from their fans.Whether by controversies,statements and interviews,every move is targeted towards selling themselves to the public through “The Flu  Of Emotions.”

But other than this use of emotions,there is another side  of emotions in the corporations,where emotions are used to bind people and build bonds among teams.

Leaders in the corporation know how to use the emotions in a positive way to build team reputation and coordination.I’ve noticed one  common way in corporations to build cooperation among the employees.

HOBBIES are the key to build bonds.Teams effectively bind when the team members have common hobbies and share some  similar interests.If you are a team leader,you can improve your leadership by sharing common interests with the team,understanding their emotions every time they’re in trouble and cheering them whenever they achieve results,whether small or big.

People say business should be professional,but I believe you work in business in professional ethics,but deal with your team personally.Understand their problems every time and try to solve them,this will motivate the employee and increase his efficiency.

THE FLU OF EMOTIONS is an effective way of spreading positive vibe in the corporation.If you’re able to adopt the above procedure of team leadership,and spread it to others through “The Flu Of Emotions “, the aura of company would drastically change

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“Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you”

Many times we’ve heard people saying us when they’re angry”you can’t understand our feelings!”sometimes even our close one’s say the same!

Emotions are a vast subject of study in humans.People reveal their moods through emotions.You can easily guess what’s going in the man standing in front of you just by  studying his emotions!Emotions result in Body language and actions!Emotions can be happiness,sadness,aggression,coldness… always depends on the individual

Emotions are hard to guess and unpredictable,but if you’re able to predict or understand what the other person is feeling,you get the chance to touch their hearts!,and get more love and support from others!

So what do yo need to become emotionally intelligent,so that you can control your emotions and understand others!

Start learning about Emotional Quotient by checking this video by David Goleman,the famous author of “Emotional Intelligence”.

DON’T be emotional illiterate,because an emotional illiterate suffers more than educational illiterate.


1)Leadership benefit:If you wish to lead people in your company or society,remember that leadership is all about people and trust.If you are not able to understand their emotions,you’ll get less results,and soon will loose their support.

2)Family:Our family is closest to the heart,understanding and supporting their needs is important,but many times they need emotional support as well,

I’ve seen many parents in my life who are busy supporting the material needs of their family,but unable to emotionally or mentally  support them because of less time,or maybe due to less emotional quotient.Don’t ever think material needs will keep them happy forever!They need your emotional hug as well!

3)People:Understanding emotions of others is a vital need.We interact with numerous people everyday and can’t bond with them,But you can gain their help and support by getting Emotionally intelligent,Understanding their emotions,trying to help them,and bring a smile on their face!

4)YOURSELF:Emotional quotient helps you Overcome your fears,doubts.Many people witness life shocking tragedies in their life,but I say”Be strong in your emotions!Get over it as soon as you can,and Thank God for everything You’ve”.Emotional Quotient strengthens your ego and self respect!


Follow these action steps to discover a NEW YOU:


1)Thank God daily for what you’ve received in your life, try to get more time for your family with T.Q

2)Understand others problems and say to yourself “if this happens with me what i would’ve done?” and help them suggesting the solution,this will make you closer to their emotional circle and help you understanding their emotions.

4)Emotions are highly sensitive,always appreciate others emotions,never hurt anyone(unless they hurt you!)

5)Start your Emotional Intelligence journey by getting a copy of the famous book”Emotional Intelligence” by David Goleman


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