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Don’t let your brain interfere with your heart- Albert Einstein

IQ is the measure of how powerful your brain is,and we’ve known from our school days about it.But people have shown vast distribution in IQ,even from members of the same family,here’s a distribution of IQ from a large population

As seen from the graph we can easily understand that High IQ around 140 can be called as GEEKS,and this is observed generally in scientists,or special cases,

You too can check your IQ from many IQ testing websites like and check your score

If Your IQ lies above 120,then BRAVO!! its a brilliant score!

For many people having IQ between 80-120(mine is 103!)  come in average category,But there’s a room for increasing your IQ.

Here’s how you too can increase your IQ

1)There’s no age to practice and increase your IQ.Your Brain is always powerful as was in 20.sometimes people wrongly assume that there brain cells have gone weak..brain needs a constant exercise,and it’ll remain efficient for life,just keep it exercising by IQ tests.

2)There are numerous IQ exercise books but I’ll suggest the best for you

read “Ultimate IQ Test Book” by Philip Carter.This book has the largest collection of IQ tests,around 1,000.

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Increasing your IQ can lead to numerous advantages

1)Innovation and creativity

2)Faster processing and better Efficiency at work,meaning more promotions!

3)Fast work means more time for your family and friends

Remember:Be Grateful for what you’ve been gifted by god,Every human being is unique in himself,Your IQ can’t be matched by anyone else,be proud of yourself!

              THANK YOU

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