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It’s never too late

On May 1st, 2011, I started this blog  with the hope that I  can share what I’ve learned, about the 7 quotients, about how the life can change only if we can make small changes in it, and I still can’t remember what made me stop  writing, and a few days ago I visited and was astonished to read my own articles!! In these 3 years and 4 months, I’ve learned & experienced in life, more than what I would’ve imagined, and I still believe it is never too late to share my views and feelings about life and how one can make a difference in it.

One thing I’ve learned that life is all about hard work, never care about the reward, because you never know when you will get it. People write blogs so that not only they can share their skills and views, but also sell them, but I vow today, that just share the views, don’t care about anything else.

Let’s see how  the journey of my own second life will be,  and whether I could really make a difference that I’ve always desired for this world.


Please Read these quotes written by me and review

My view on low Street IQ of professionals, who are just school smarts and trapped in the rat race of money and job.

“Fools are Fools even if they go to schools.”

“School Education will only be helpful during job interviews, but the street education helps you in all the interviews of life.”

“Teach your kids how to survive in this competitive and mean world, even before you teach then how to speak!”

“Business is the only financial vehicle, in which the steering is in your hands.”

“If you climb the corporate ladder you can  reach only the top floor, but if you create your own it can reach the skies!”


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Thought Provoking Quotes

Everybody can Plan his future but only being focused can make it true.

Emotions feed Heart just like food feeds brain.

The Key To Satisfaction in life  is to satisfy others.

God helps those who help others.

If you climb the corporate ladder you can only reach a certain height, but if you own the corporate ladder, you can extend it to infinity.

Never work for money, let money work for you.

The two rules to success 1) never stop learning 2) Learn from rule 1.

Value your words because you’ll die but your words wont.

Trust is the father of every human relation, and integrity  it’s mother.

Knowledge is the only asset in the world that never depreciates!





Vote for the most important quotient of your life



Have you ever thought what it takes to get  to your dream life?

Everyone dreams of a life where one can work Cheerfully,Spend enough time with  the family,Remain hale and hearty,Manage  time effectively,Be financially strong and  able to give back to the community.Don’t you dream about it?


The key to achieving this dream life is:

                                              CHANGE YOUR HABITS!

But you always wondered what  to do in order to change my habits and take a path to  the Balanced Life!

And the answer is:Learn these 7 quotients and make your own path to success,not only professionally,but also personally.Get more time for your family,achieve great success at your job,manage time efficiently,Be healthy,Achieve financial independence,and give back to the community.

And  reading this blog for only 21 days can make the difference!


What are the 7 quotients?

Many bestselling authors have researched and written about making your life more successful and balanced,but that knowledge directly or indirectly pointed to these quotients:

1) Intelligence Quotient:We all know about it from our school days!

2)Emotional Quotient:Do you understand your emotions?

3)Leadership Quotient:If you breath oxygen,you are a leader.

4)Time Quotient:Utilize 24 hours efficiently.

5)Wealth Quotient:We spend most of our lives to gain it.

6)Health Quotient:Survival of the FITTEST!

7)Philanthropy Quotient:Give before you take.

Just learn these quotients,make them your habits and the road to a balanced life is yours!

Why 7Qs?

Everyone Works hard each day!but do we always get the desired result?its because hard work only bores fruit if you’d worked in the right direction!AND AT 7Qs we make it easier for you to learn these quotients in the right direction through easy ACTION STEPS


Now the question arises:How to learn these 7 quotients and make a habit out of it?

The key is:PERSISTENCE!!!!

If you do anything for 21 days in a row, you will have an excellent chance of making it into a habit -Robin Sharma

and we follow the same rule: So ready to change your life?follow these steps:

a)Read this blog daily and sincerely for atleast 21 days.please just take half an hour of your day to read it!

b)Write down the action steps mentioned in each post.

c)Practice them in your daily life,recite them and try to make them a daily ritual.DON’T go to bed without completing them.

d)You can also buy the tools mentioned in each’ll give you more knowledge and make the process faster and easier for you!!

e)Share these habits and thoughts with others.Helping others means helping yourself.

f)Do all these action steps for 21 days,and you’ll definitely feel a vast change in life,Practice regulary AND

Open the path to your DREAM LIFE

Thank you