A Great Leader Inspires People To Have Confidence In Him And Themselves

What is Leadership Quotient all about?

Just two words are enough to define leadership:people and trust.

Leadership is not only about politicians in a government,but each one of us who’s breathing oxygen is a leader in himself.Leadership is all about gaining the trust of others,leading them to their destination,and last but not least:Respecting others,Appreciating their work and ALWAYS Supporting their cause.

Whether it is a sweeper cleaning the roads,or a CEO of a corporation,or even a mother staying at home.each one of them is having a unique quality to lead and manage people,satisfy and appreciate them,and always giving the credit for their work.

Why is leadership quotient important and how can we learn about it?and how to benefit ourselves from it?

Here’s a video featuring John Maxwell,author of the bestselling book”The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”

Management is doing things right; leadership is  about doing the right things-Peter Ducker

1)A Manager Manages,But a Leader Leads,we all can become effective leaders if we are aware about it,and at 7Qs we’ll teach you how to lead your people.

2)A leader has a superpower: WORDS! and when you learn how to use this superpower to convince others,you get the opportunity to be more successful personally and professionally.

3)My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure- ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

A leader is never afraid of failure or making mistakes,and never denies if done.Abraham Lincoln failed numerous times in presidential elections,but he was never afraid of failure.Put this thinking in your practice,and you’ll always succeed in life.

4)Be willing to help others and NEVER compromise.Help 2 hands and 20 hands will come to your aid.Remember,when you are in a team,never ever leave your team mates in trouble

5)Sports are the best source for learning Leadership and Team work.If you are successful as a team member,nobody will ever leave you alone in difficult times.

6)We human beings  love being loved!and being a leader makes you more loveable.You’ll get more respect and love from family,friends and society.

Take an important step towards learning Leadership and your entire world will change!


1)Great Leaders are good Public Speakers,Start volunteering at your local society functions and participate in public speaking sessions wherever u see.

2)Never be afraid of failures and mistakes.The more i fail,the closer i get to success-ROBERT KIYOSAKI.

3)Always be a part of the team,Never ever abandon your teammates!

4)Make a mindset of Leadership by reading”The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership” by JOHN MAXWELL.

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ALWAYS REMEMBER:“Leadership is practiced not so much in words,as in attitude and actions” so start acting and practicing today!


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