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My view on low Street IQ of professionals, who are just school smarts and trapped in the rat race of money and job.

“Fools are Fools even if they go to schools.”

“School Education will only be helpful during job interviews, but the street education helps you in all the interviews of life.”

“Teach your kids how to survive in this competitive and mean world, even before you teach then how to speak!”

“Business is the only financial vehicle, in which the steering is in your hands.”

“If you climb the corporate ladder you can  reach only the top floor, but if you create your own it can reach the skies!”


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3 questions to effective wealth management

Just three questions to yourself can change the way you manage your money.

Many people don’t know about the money trap existing in their daily life,they start by buying a few luxuries,pay their installments and proceed buying the next ones,and this goes on each year,and they never realize that they’ve become so habitual of buying luxuries,paying the debt and buying more luxuries, they are in a money trap but they never know whats wrong with it.

There’s nothing wrong with buying the luxuries,except the fact that they’re in a “Ring Of Debt”, its a ring of infinite lifetime that never ends until you realize that you’re a part of it,yet many people die peacefully,unaware about it.

Well the concept is simple,you start buying few luxuries,pay the monthly installments,then buy more luxuries by debt.Though you save for some investments,but since you don’t know the right financial instruments for good returns,you buy funds that are managed by a fund manager,and these funds never give you desired results.

You buy luxuries each year either by cash or debt,mostly by debt,invest in low return investments and never take out the time to get more knowledge about the power of investing and the perks of getting a good wealth quotient.

Get yourself out of this “Ring Of Debt”, where you spend your lifetime paying the installments, increase your wealth quotient and get the advantage of gaining financial independence and get out of this “Ring Of Debt”.

Ask this 1st question to yourself: What were my activities that brought me in the “Ring Of Debt”?  In this way you can evaluate your financial management and understand whether you’re in the right path to the financial independence.If you’re involved in too much debt payments you need to reduce them first and increase your savings by reducing the frequency of your luxury expenditures.

Next ask yourself the 2nd question: Why am i involved in the “Ring Of Debt”? If you’re involved in the ring,you can understand if this is the lifestyle you desired,if these were the goals of your life,then no problem,you can continue with it.But if you think that you need to get a more stable and successful path to passive income and effective financial management,you’ve to take out the major cause that brought you in this ring

It can be multiple causes,you’ve to take that out of your mind, note down,and eradicate it from your lifestyle.From next time if you want to become a good money manager,ignore the cause that brought you in this ring.

3rd question”How can i get out of the ring and gain financial independence?”   Their can be numerous reasons that brought you in the ring of debt,most common are the child expenses and daily luxuries.You can’t ignore them,but i can tell you a way that can bring you out of that mystical ring and take you to the path to financial independence.This questions helps you to look for answers and knowledge that can take you out of the ring.

The most effective being the wealth quotient.Understand what are the best investment tools that you can use to maximize the gains out of your savings.You’ve to take out some time daily to understand the value of wealth management and planning.When you’re able to understand it,you’ve to apply it in your life and bingo,you’re on the path to financial freedom.

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After the success of  The Journey To Your Second Life ,I’ve released my second book “The Power Inside Me”.It awakens you from your daily habitual lifestyle,where you complain about the way life is going,but cannot avoid it.

This book helps  awaken the true YOU,who is himself a superhero that can fight with the situations and turn the course towards his will.He doesn’t live by others likes or dislikes,but he’s got his own path to his dream life.

You too can live the way you dreamed of,you just need to awaken that power inside you,which can empower you to chase and live your dreams.

1)When you’ll read “The Power Inside Me”,you’ll recall your dream goals and the picture to your dream life will come alive.

2)When all the goals are clear,through this book you’ll find whether you were on the right path to your dreams,or were lost in the crowd’s way of thinking.

3)This book helps your urge to find a way to your dream goals,through self questioning and awareness

4)Three simple questions can change the way you live your life,and this book has them.

5)Finally,you’ll realize the true potential inside you,and your mind will start to get the answers to achieve your dream life.

Once you get the answers,bravo!! you’ll get the path to your ideal dream life.

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The only difference between a rich person and poor person is how they use their time and money-Robert Kiyosaki

Everyone in the world dreams of achieving financial freedom,some dream of achieving it through business or extra job,some dream of saving as much as they can,some dream of investing and  some even  dream of living cheaply!!

But they all forget the basic step involved in achieving the dream:BUDGETING.

BUDGETING in summary is all about tracking and balancing your:





It doesn’t involve any complex mathematics as many fear about it!Once I heard a story about an average homemaker who used four matchboxes for these categories and distributes equal amounts in every box,and noted down the money left in each box every day,did simple addition subtraction and budgeted for next 10 days!its easy if you enjoy doing it!

I’ve heard some people saying”i don’t have enough money,how can i do budgeting!”

At this point i remember the famous quote by ROBERT KIYOSAKI”Money is just an idea!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve $10 or $10,000 in your pocket,what creates a difference is how you budget and use them!you can make $10,000 from just $10,or can just save $10 from $10,000

watch the following video about BECOME YOUR OWN FINANCIAL PLANNER  featuring famous author BRIAN TRACY

Follow these tested basic tips for budgeting:

1)Take a notebook or a journal with days,dates on each page,start tracking your expenses,debt,income,investments

2)Expenses can be categorized as a)essential b)desirable c)liability.put your expenses in each of these categories e.g groceries are essential,getting a more expensive cellphone is desirable and buying a car is a liability.

Liabilities are long term expenses as they are generally bought with debt which is repaid for long term.but if you are able to cut your desirable expenses and invest that money,you can get solid returns and more better cellphones later!

3)Create a rule for your own budget and follow it sincerely e.g my own rule is 25-25-50.i give 25% of my income to charity,25% to myself and family gifts,and 50% back to business for its growth!

you can create your own rule for your needs!It’ll take some time to create a perfect rule for yourself,but believe me you’ll get in a better financial situation afterwards.

4)Think creatively on expenses e.g buy groceries on cash,and be clever on bills,e.g my credit card bill comes on 10th of every month to be paid on 30th,so i buy DESIRABLE stuff after 11th of that month,so that i can get enough time to balance other expenses before the bill arrives


1)Get a broad look on budgeting and financial planning through the book written by BRIAN TRACY”GETTING RICH YOUR OWN WAY”


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