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Managing Time While Growing An Online Business

Managing time wisely is one of the biggest favors you can grant yourself when trying to grow a business online. One of the leading factors behind the failure of many to build a successful business on the internet is their growing frustration due to a lack of results which leads them to quitting. Since both time and patience is needed to build the foundation for a successful business it is vital to learn how to manage time in a productive way!

Here are 3 common traps awaiting you when working online that can be easily avoided by learning to manage time better and not let it manage you.

Social Sites

There is much truth to the claim that social sites are great places to generate traffic in order to grow a business. On the other hand however these sites are huge vortexes into which much time can be wasted and therefore lost…forever! When choosing the sites that hold the greatest potential for you a system or plan should be developed that allows you to accomplish any objectives you set as quickly as possible. Now it is entirely too easy to get caught up on social sites since who does not like to relax and socialize but this is not the best way to manage time if work is your primary objective!

Useless Email

Think about when was the last time you found something in your email that was of value? The last thing I found was the million dollars that I am still waiting on from that guy over in Nicaragua and I can not tell you how fortunate I feel about that. Hell I was not even aware I had relatives over there but getting back to my point you must learn to manage your email. It is not going anywhere, and neither are you when spending too much time reviewing your in-box! Remember your goal is to develop a successful business so you must focus your efforts on that and schedule a ‘quick’ review of your email later. It is recommended to do so when both your energy level and focus are low since you do not need much of either to read email!

No Work Day Plan

Before you even turn on your computer you must have your work planned out! Firstly this will allow you to get right to it without distractions. Secondly without a plan it is far too easy to begin kicking around and the next thing you know you just spent a few hours surfing the net…for what! You can not grow a business by aimlessly surfing the internet or ‘playing’ around with any software on your computer UNLESS it is part of your plan! If you have a reason for doing what you are doing and it will contribute to you building a successful business then by all means, go for it otherwise forget it! Knowing what you want to do BEFORE your monitor lights up will help keep you laser focused and work with a greater sense of urgency!

Managing time in an efficient manner is something you must learn to do in order to grow a business online. The responsibilities associated with the development and operation of a successful business does not allow for inefficiencies in the use of any resources! It is therefore pretty much mandatory that an entrepreneur learns to manage time wisely since this is one of your most important resources! Our discussion above points out 3 common areas people are most vulnerable to wasting this precious resource when trying to be productive. Quite simply with just a little more discipline and planning these ‘traps’ can be easily managed or avoided altogether. The tips above if applied properly serve to help you grow a business much faster online and with less frustration!

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5 Steps to Master Your Time

Let’s face it. Information is coming at us faster than ever before. We are constantly receiving a steady flow of emails, text messages, phone calls and voice mails. The downside of communication technology is that it is making everything URGENT. It takes real discipline to determine the difference between what is really important from what is just urgent. But it’s this difference that gives you the ability to be really productive, as opposed to just really busy.

The 5 key steps to gain control and mastery of your time include:

Identify what you want to change. You’ve got to be honest with yourself about what you are doing that’s keeping you from mastering your time. The more you recognize about what you are doing, when and why, the easier it will be to recognize what you need to do differently.

Determine the new habit you want to develop. One of the best ways to do this is to ask yourself “What’s the one thing that I’m not doing now or could do differently that would have the greatest impact on how I manage my time?” Once you’ve recognized what that is, develop a realistic action plan that includes specific steps to be taken.

Practice. Start with one action plan that is within your control, not overly difficult and you feel confident in your ability to accomplish. Then take the actions necessary on a consistent basis. Research shows it only takes 21 days to change a habit. Set yourself up to succeed.

Ask others to help you. Few of us make significant changes in our lives without the help and support of other people. Ask for assistance when you can and where possible, make yourself accountable to other people for following through on your action plans.

Reinforce, celebrate and start again. Once you’ve accomplished your first time management goal, feel good about it! Reward yourself or celebrate. Then pick a new goal and keep going. Time mastery is not a one-time event. It’s a continual process.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll be well on your way to a greater sense of control, personal freedom and a lot let stress. You’ll feel as if you really can manage it all, and this greater sense of expansion will enable you to accomplish more in less time and with less stress in the process. All the best to you!

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7 Tips To Beat The Clock And Get More Of The Right Things Done


1. Take Stock – keep track of what you are spending your time on. Here’s a simple exercise for you. For the next week, keep a tally or journal of how you spend your time each day. In detail. Record your activities every hour of what you did. I’ll bet you’re saying “I don’t have time for that!” Just do it, OK? You have to measure something if you want to change it. After a week, count up how many hours you spent on each type of activity such as email, phone calls, marketing, meetings, etc. I guarantee an “Ah Ha” moment.

2. When you Think it, Ink it – Get things out of your head and onto paper, into your schedule or onto your computer. Humans have somewhere around 60,000 thoughts a day, so if you think you’ll remember everything later, guess again. I carry a digital voice recorder with me so I can capture important ideas and to do’s when they come up. I keep a journal with me too. When I get home, I move these important thoughts and ideas into my planners.

3. Eliminate Distractions – Turn of you cell phone, unplug your office phone and shut down your email. Unnecessary or untimely distractions are the biggest time wasters in your day. I promise you won’t die if you don’t check email for an hour or two. If you share an office with someone or work in an environment where other folks like to pop in and say Hi, then shut your door with a “Do Not Disturb” sign on it and request your office mate not talk to you when the door is closed. You’re working.

4. Prioritize Your Activities – Control your day, don’t let it control you. Have a list of tasks you want to accomplish each day. Rank them in order of importance. A) Must do today. B) Want to do today. C) Might be nice to do today. Then rank them A1, A2 etc. in order of highest priority. And here’s a hint. Some of the A’s should be marketing and business generating activities. Don’t let others determine what you do, their emergency or lack of planning cannot dictate your schedule.

5. Block Your Time – One of the most time consuming things in your day is starting and stopping an activity. Block off an hour or two for each task you plan to work on. An hour for phone calls, two hours for marketing, and hour to reply to emails, etc. Only work on that task during the appointed time block. If an idea interrupts your or you remember something your forgot to do, write it down and return to the task at hand. I like to use a kitchen timer to help track my time blocks. When the timer goes off, I can reevaluate spending more time on that block or moving on to something more important.

6. Multi-Tasking is a Myth – You can’t do more than one thing at a time. Sorry. Multi-tasking is just moving between two or more things and not doing any of them very well. Focused attention on one objective at a time is the best way to do a great job on that activity. It’s true that women are better multi-taskers than men, but that just means they do a better job at being inefficient than men.

7. Stay Organized – Part of your day should be devoted to keeping your work space, calendar and projects in order. Fifteen to 30 minutes of organization and planning can save you two hours of wasted time that could be used for accomplishing ‘A’ priority tasks. If you are spending more than 2 minutes looking for a document or phone number, or if you frequently miss or are late for appointments, then it’s time you got organized. Do it before you call it quits for the day. I promise, you’ll thank me tomorrow.

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Do you want efficient time management? Read about “The T.Q. Star”.

Every picture is worth a thousand words, and this figure tells you everything that you need to know about effective time management.

These 5 words on the corners of the star, represent the elements of the most powerful entity of the world, TIME and if you can control these elements in your life, you can harness the power of TIME Management and all of your problems can be solved very easily.

So start taking control of the 24 hours, just follow these 5 elements. Each element is connected to the rest 4 elements and completes the Time Quotient.


When you start your day, list down every job that you’ve to do, and assign priority to them. Don’t be confused by the list of tasks, just assign 1st priority to the highly productive tasks, Don’t procrastinate, do the important jobs first and small output tasks afterwards.


This is the most important element, everyone knows that without scheduling a single tasks can’t be completed, whether it is at job or at home, you’ve to plan ahead.

Start scheduling by taking the high priority tasks first, BUILD TIME SLOTS, assign a particular TIME Slot to each task, also include “Time add-ons” e.g. you’ve a meeting at 12, by your estimate it can take 1 hour, but include a time add-on for maximum ½ hour, so that if delay occurs due to any problem, your schedule won’t be disturbed, and even the meeting completes on time or with a little delay then you’ve earned extra time for your next task!

Assign TIME SLOTS AND TIME ADD-ONS to every task that  you’ll perform throughout the day, this makes your schedule flexible and prepared for any emergency delay, but do have a threshold for time-add-on, you’ve limited time and if the task doesn’t complete within the time add-on, you should complete it first and reschedule for the rest tasks of the day.

3) Follow

90% of the people turn around on this element. They prioritize and schedule, but when it comes to following it, or following it through every day, they find it hard. It is mainly because the human brain resists changes, we can’t stop this feeling because we’re habitual of the daily ill-managed schedule.

Many people find the follow through of the schedule BORING, follow the schedule for some time and then go back to their old life.

But remember, an organised life yields great results, and unorganised life leads to less efficiency, and it leads to high work stress. So better start following the schedule and get great results.

4) Attract

Stay focused each day on your schedule. Use the law of attraction and spread this star to others so that you can get a group of organised people thinking just like you, and get better ideas from them. You may encounter many situations that can create problems for your scheduled life, many people give up after these situations, but don’t do it. If you follow your schedule for 21 days, it’ll definitely become a habit. Most people give up after 10-15 days, but this can affect your work efficiency.

Many problems will come daily, whether a task takes more time than the time add-on that you’d planned, or you’re busy completing an unplanned task, while your scheduled task is getting delayed. Don’t be afraid of these situations. Life is another name of challenges, take these situations as challenged and remember, always complete the high priority task first.

If you schedule doesn’t go as planned, reschedule and keep working, never lose focus on the results that you’ll get through better time management.

5) Evaluate

Until now you’ve prioritized, scheduled, followed and attracted the time star in your life, but now it’s time for the real test, Evaluation. At the end of each day, you note down every task that you completed throughout the day. REMEMBER: Never leave a task incomplete, it’s the enemy of time. When you’ve jotted down every task, evaluate the average time slot and average time add-on for each task, observe each task and make changes for the next day. Evaluation of your daily activities in the night, helps you to plan ahead for the next day, and makes you habitual of scheduling and efficient time management.

In this way if you follow the “ T.Q. STAR” technique, you can achieve miraculous results through efficient Time Management.

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There’s only one key to effective time management: Practice prioritizing and scheduling in your daily life,adopt them in your soul,make a ritual and follow it regardless of any problems.

But it seems too difficult for many people, its not because they don’t value time,but they’re habitual of mismanagement of time and the major cause behind it is “The Lateness Fission Reaction”.

We encounter this phenomenon daily,but never ponder upon its results,because human brain readily adopts a repeated activity,and never cares to CHANGE it.We know that this leads to poor time management,but can’t change it.So how are you linked to this reaction?

Take a simple example in your own office.you come to your office at the right time, say 10o’clock, sometimes even you hurry from your home to reach the office on time. And then you see the unexpected.

An employee walks into the office around 10:15, rarely warned by the senior executive, and starts working. You think ”Why am I hurrying up in the morning to come at 10, a bit late even works! Nobody cares whether you’re late or on time. So from tomorrow I won’t hurry, I will come casually.” And this spreads to the whole office slowly, people start to come at 10:15.

Another factor in this reaction is procrastination,you’ve got important tasks to do,but instead you try to delay them overtime and hope that you’ll definitely complete that task tomorrow,but tomorrow never comes.Ultimately you run out of deadlines,and this spreads to others in your office,even at home too.

Let’s consider this as a reaction.One man comes late at the office,this message spreads to others,say two persons.They think coming late won’t be an issue.These 2 then go to a party,certainly a bit late,but no one cares about it.But the human brain has one side too,to take the bad lessons from activities.

The people see them coming late at the party,though no one cares to scold them,but what people do take in their mind is that”Hey,why did i come this early,a bit late even works! I could’ve utilized that time elsewhere,nobody cares if I’m late.

This spreads to others,slowly this lateness message spreads from 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 to 16…..and the whole community comes under its influence,like a fission reaction it spreads to societies,this leads to poor work efficiency and late project submissions.

Human brain gets so much USED TO these activities,we never take a moment to think that its our own activities that makes it difficult to manage time,instead we blame our mismanagement to others,a usual human brain psychology.

So if you want to improve your time management skills,spend more time with your family,and be a better employee at work,you’ve to ask these questions to yourself first;


Reason:This questions helps to self evaluate your time schedule,you will understand whether you’re a part of this reaction or not.Whether you’re  procrastinating and wasting your time,coming late at parties and appointments,and many other activities will show you the reality that your brain needs to know.


Reason:This helps you understand yourself.You can sort out whether you’re happy with the daily lifestyle,or it’s simply a result of the fission reaction that your mind has adapted,and you never took time to evaluate it, but this question takes everything out of your head,and makes you realize the true  value of time management.


Reason:This awakens the mind power inside you that searches for answers and tries to solve this riddle.You will automatically become more organized and a better time manager,and the endless search for improving your time management skills triggers.Leading to a stress free,cheerful and efficient life style.